Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is critical to the safety of coastlines. While the Coast Guard brings to many minds homeland security, they serve other purposes as well. Having gone on many months-long sailing trips with my family, I can honestly say I owe them my life. And I'm not the only one. When we were just out of sight of some waterspouts, they spread the word, letting us escape the area in the nick of time. Not to mention on one occasion when we were making a quick trek between Mexico and Belize, we got to observe the Belize Coast Guard in action as they searched a boat for drugs, and, I might add, found them.

 Yes, the Coast Guard is one of the branches of the military. It checks vessels for transporting illegal wares, polices the border, and keeps an eye out for the safety of the country. However, it also does things like break up ice jams, and executes rescues on damaged or out-of-control vessels. Without the Coast Guard, the waters would be a (more) dangerous place.

Before I forget, happy birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard! Formed August 4th, 1790, today marks its 225th birthday!

In The Awakened, Angela J. Townsend's upcoming sequel to The Forlorned, she chose to incorporate the Coast Guard, as she appreciates and respects the work they do. She remarked that she is "especially impressed by how the Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard work together to keep the waters safe."

Below you'll find a snippet of the latest edit of The Awakened, which is still a work in progress! A sneak peak released in honor of Coast Guard Day.


Tom grabbed the radio. “MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY. This is the Atlantic Tide. Cape Devlin Harbor bears 169 degrees Magnetic Distance 3 miles. Two people washed overboard. Over.
No answer.
“MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY. This is the Atlantic Tide. Cape Devlin Harbor bears 169 degrees Magnetic Distance 3 miles. Two people washed overboard. Over.
Still no answer.
Murphy’s voice crackled across the radio. “What’s wrong, son?””
Tom tried to control his hysteria. “They’re gone Murph! Washed overboard. The wheelhouse was hit. I’m not sure how much longer the bulkhead is going to hold on.”
A woman’s voice interrupted them. “This is the Canadian Coast Guard. Got your location. What type of vessel are you in?”
Tom couldn’t think. Panic rose higher than the waves he was fighting through. “I don’t know… it’s a … it’s a…”
Murphy’s voice came over the radio. “It’s a Phillip Blodger. Three miles south of Cape Devlin’s inner harbor. Two people washed overboard. Please hurry. Over.”
“Roger. We are on our way. Over.”

The ocean and winds converged again. Another massive wave towered before him. He had no choice but to throttle through it, leaving Janika and Tough further behind him. He pictured them trying to tread water in the horrible waves and frigid waters. Please, God, let them still be alive.

The Awakened, coming to bookstores in 2015!
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