Saturday, August 15, 2015

International Homeless Animals Day

Wanted to remind everyone that today is International Homeless Animals Day. Animals are abandoned, lost, or otherwise without help. Every adoption makes a difference, and the animals aren't the only ones who benefit. Skipper, the cat Tom adopted, helped to keep him sane.


For example, cat owners find that they receive companionship, a reason to exercise, nurturing and empathy. Studies found that cats help people get over grief and sense of loss faster. Even faster than a human companion! Cats lower stress levels, and overall anxiety. Over a ten year period, a study found that owning a cat lowered the owner's chance of heart attack or stroke by 30%. In fact, cat owners are 30-40% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease. And if that weren't enough, cat ownership lowers blood pressure. Not to mention cats mirror personality. They respond to you, and act more like you as time goes on. Owning a cat can give your immune system a leg-up. Owning a cat will: lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce risk of stroke, improve overall mood (even to the point of helping with depression). Some have found that cats help with the social interaction and communication issues found in autistic people. Have kids? Cat ownership at a young age lowers the chance of them developing allergies, and helps prevent asthma. Oh! I almost forgot; a cat's purr's frequency can help bones and muscles heal after injury. How cool is that? At the end of the day, cats can help lead you to longer life... even if they're sassy all the way there.

Dog owners, like cat owners, have found that kids that grew up with a dog were as much as 33% less likely to develop pet allergies than ones in a non-pet household. One study found the kids were less likely to have eczema, as well. Not to mention they help use up the energy of kids with ADHD. Dogs also invite social interactions. People want to pet the dog, other dog owners hang out at the dog park, too. And I might point out training a puppy means being around other dog owners, as well. Like cat owners, dog owners had lower cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure, meaning a healthier heart. In addition to this, as we all know, dogs require exercise. What better excuse to get up off the couch than an enthusiastic pup? In fact, a couple studies found that if you're the one who helps the dog get exercise, you're more likely to maintain or lose weight, and less likely to be obese. Dogs are often used as therapy dogs for everything from PTSD to physical therapy. Pet owners get sick less frequently than non-pet owners, and the dog owners get sick least of all. Dog owners are the least likely pet owner to suffer mild depression, or even be clinically depressed. Some claim dogs can even detect cancer early. And they have been used to help those with diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, wile others alert diabetics when their blood sugar's too low. As with cats, they take on your personality and can lower stress levels.

Overall, pet owners (regardless of the pet's species) tend to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Find the Skipper to your Tom.
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