Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All I Ever Needed to Say

         Opened the newspaper this morning, saw an article about how you should write a letter to your children, saying all you ever wanted to say. Something about your kid having your words forever, or something like that.
         Im not sure what to say. I guess Ill start with you taking to the sea. I worry, I really do. All those days out on the ocean, all the storms weve seen through. Someday Im not gonna be there to see if your boat made it home. Im not gonna be able to tell you the safest route home. I just have to hope that all the years we spent together can guide you. I wish I could tell you to give up the sea-farers life, to go back to shore, find something safer to do. But I see that look in your eye, and I know what it means. I see that same look every time I look in the mirror. Youve got it in the blood, as Murph would say. I guess if it came right down to it, youd have Murph to keep an eye on you, for all the time hes got. Good man, Murph.
         And dont think for a moment Im not proud of you. Youre an amazing young woman. Youre strong, beautiful. You remind me of your mother. I knew when it was time to set the traps, youd always be by my side, pulling your weight. Better deck hand then most men Ive met. Always know just what to do. Id trust you with my life, and so I know youll always handle yours well. Dont have to worry about you getting into trouble after Im gone.
         I hope you know that from the second you were in my arms, you were my baby girl. I dont care if I live to see you turn 70, youll still be my baby girl. Weve laughed together, cried together, even had a bit too much to drink together. When your mother was pregnant, we thought you were going to be a boy. Im glad we were wrong. I cant imagine not having my little girl. My baby girl. My daughter.
         Dont ever let someone tell you to settle. Youre worth so much more than you know, and Ive seen the boys around town. They chase after you for your beauty, but dont take em for true until they chase after you for your brain. Fall in love, but fall for the person who makes the foggiest day bright. Beauty will cool and fade, but a smile will warm you the rest of your life.
         When Im gone, remember Im still there for you. I may not be able to talk to you, but my spirit lives in that boat. Run your hand over the wheel, and Ill be there, holding your hand. Wrap yourself in the old slickers, and know Im hugging you tight, and Ill never let go. And remember: I put my life into that boat, but that wasnt what really mattered. You were why I put the time in. I spent days at sea, but each day, my heart was home with you. Dont ever forget that theres nothing more important than love, family, and friends, and dont be afraid to take friendship wherever you find it. The poorest man can make the richest friend.
         More than anything, remember you are loved. Remember you are loved. You are loved. And you always will be. I dont say it enough, and I hope Im not getting to mushy on you, but if its the one thing you remember me saying, I hope this is it: you are loved.
         I guess I can see why the newspaper issued the challenge. Its good to know that youll be able to hear what I need you to hear, even if Im gone. And thats why Im challenging you. If you ever have children, I want you to write a letter to them. Tell them all the mushy nonsense that you never had the time, or courage, to say.
                  All my love,
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